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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Very Best Chair (drum roll please)....

Mine eyes have seen the coming of the best chair made....

I'm not into interior design and furnishings, but I sit a lot.

I have a book called 1,000 CHAIRS. It's amazing to me to see the variation in "sitting devices" -

This past weekend I went to Berkeley and stopped in Design Within Reach,
a store that specializes in modern furniture.

I sat in....


how does it work?
why is it so good?

The Embody Chair, designed by the Herman Miller team, was developed after long research and design to provide not only a function platform from which to work, but one that would actually be healthy to the individual by restoring balance between the human/computer relationship by enhancing the intake of oxygen and cellular exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is designed to adapt to the individual's unique spinal curvature allowing you to move freely and naturally to improve blood flow thus eliminating both discomfort and distraction.

The back of the chair is designed to be narrow in the back, allowing your arms to move back and forth naturally thus opening up the chest cavity which allows your lungs to take in more air and send more oxygen to the brain.

The pixilated seat moves with you and provides a 3-layered construction of materials whose technology conforms to your various micro movements while distributing your weight evenly. This then also removes stresses on your body at every contact point, reducing pressure and improving circulation. The Embody Chair has a unique tilt mechanism, which actually encourages the worker to recline while stabilizing the pelvis in the seat pocket no matter what your body position may be. This then supports your thoracic back while correctly aligning your eyes with the computer screen.

The theory is that without continuing discomfort your mind is freed to focus on the task at hand.

- review by Steve Douglas

(as you can tell by my blog setup - I don't do advertising)

but the thought of a chair that actually will fit to YOU

and give your entire back and butt the support you need...

ahhhhhhhh, where have you been the past 50 years ????

. . .

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