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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting Some on the Side...

Elevation, that is !


Forgotten facades;
Little attention given to side elevations

Article from: Intelligencer Journal Lancaster, PA
Article date: May 9, 2003
Author: Gregory I. Scott

During the reign of King Wiliam III, a window tax was introduced to help curb inflation resulting from years of war and conflict with the British Empire. Landowners were taxed an additional property tariff if their house had more than six windows. The more windows, the higher the assessment. It was not unusual during those times to literally brick up openings to avoid taxes.

A recent trend in speculative house construction is the elimination of windows on certain facades of the residence, primarily the side elevations. This phenomenon compromises both the aesthetic and the function of the rooms they represent with regard to daylight, views and interest.

Bring up the rear
(design of side and rear elevations of single-family dwellings)

Article from: Builder
Article date: June 1, 1999
Author: Weber, Carolyn

Just say no to movie set streetscapes. Fully realized side and rear elevations are essential to good design - because good design sells.

John and Mary Move-Up were charmed by the clever details of the home's front elevation. It had everything: a gabled roofline, big windows, a sizable porch, a mix of materials including faux stone accents, and beautiful landscaping. This use had tremendous curb appeal, and it was beginning to appeal to them. But upon closer inspection, they rounded the corner to discover that the charm, as well as the stone, stopped. They were blinded by a vast expanse of vinyl siding, broken up only by one postage stamp-sized window.

Great Elevations

Article from: Builder
Article date: January 2006
Author: BUILDER Staff

What makes a great elevation? Depends on which one you're viewing. There are plenty of well-done front fa├žades, of course, but award-winning exterior design is a four-sided affair. Although we show only the street views here, trust us that the other sides are just as carefully considered and dramatic.







Attention to details, alignment of elements and articulation (breaking up the long wall with inward and/or outward elements) changes the mundane to interesting.
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