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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Prickly Mountain Project Update ....

from David Sellers -

Oh my God........How are you?
I remember you.

I was in Santa Cruz with Peter Calthorpe a year ago, I love what is going on there.

We are assembling a anthology of Prickly stories and what influence it had with various people who passed through... Got one?
When we get enough I will send you some.

Meanwhile check out

Dave Sellers

from Nans Kelder -

Hello Lawrence,That was a long time ago!!!

Many adventures later...

Please, remind me what you did at Prickly Mountain Project.
Were you one of the students that lived in the old abandoned farm house where I was the cook?

How did you find me?


Caravan Stage Company
Tall Ship Theatre presents Utopian Floes
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Mobile Phone Numbers:+30 695 509 9230+30 694 349 3011

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