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Friday, October 16, 2009

A Style of Architecture called "Monterey" -

Monterey, California is about 45 minutes from here. I have often seen a style of architectural design referred to as "Monterey".

There are not that many adobes around Monterey. What is the style about?

the Monterey adobe style

An architectural style that came into existence in Monterey, California, between about 1835 and 1840; typically, a two-story house with a full-façade balcony supported by plain wood posts and enclosed by wood railings. A modified version of this style was revived from about 1920 to 1960, combining Spanish Colonial architecture with some elements of early New England colonial architecture; in this 20th-century version, the balcony is typically cantilevered rather than supported by wood columns from ground level, as in the earlier Monterey style.

Nineteenth-century houses in this style usually were characterized by: thick whitewashed adobe walls; a low-pitched gable roof or hipped roof with its ridge parallel to the façade, usually covered with hand-split wood shingles, but sometimes with tiles; occasionally a decorative chimney cap or chimney hood; double-hung wood-frame windows with mullions; often, window shutters; occasionally, full-length windows opening onto the balcony; a relatively simple paneled entry door. Doors in 20th-century houses in this style are often imitative of those found in Colonial Revival architecture, including paneling, a fanlight over the door and sidelights flanking the door; occasionally, some elements of Greek Revival are included in the wood trim around doors and windows.


representative buildings ...




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