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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DETACHED Medium Density Housing ??

Yep... it's possible with very clever design !!

Sacramento, CA

Located in downtown Sacramento, Metro Square was developed through a partnership between a merchant builder and the local redevelopment agency. This infill market-rate single family housing project single-handedly transformed the Central City housing market.

The project features 45 single family homes on 2.2 acres (20.5 dwelling units per acre) ranging in size from 1,250 square feet to 1,550 square feet. Each unit has a front porch, a small private backyard, and a one or two car garage tucked under the unit. The two-story homes offer two to three bedrooms, up to two and one-half baths. Some plans feature dual master suites, den-library or private decks. The Redevelopment Agency loaned the developer $1.2 million to reduce the land costs and mitigate the risk of building in the Central City rather than in the suburbs.

The street appearance of the project conforms to that of an early 20th century residential neighborhood, while the interior emphasizes community interaction and the scale of contemporary development. Architectural design balances contemporary construction needs with the existing character of the neighborhood. A central courtyard serves as a focal point for community interaction.

Project Details:

Owner/Developer: Sares-Regis Homes / SHRA
Architect: Mogavero Notestine Associates
General Contractor: Sares-Regis Homes
Total Site Area: 2.2 Acres / 60,750 Square Feet
Previous Use of Site: Vacant lot
Resident Profile: Professionals and Families 100% For-sale
# Of Units / Density: 45 units; 20.5 Units/Acre
Unit Size: 2BR: 1,250 Square Feet; 3BR: 1450-1550 Square Feet
Construction Details: 2-Story; New Construction Wood Frame and Stucco
Project Budget: $6.1 Million
Date of Completion: June 1998
(information from the architect's website -

I review medium density housing, that is attached, three stories and at this density...

this project shows how it can be done without the stigma of "projects".

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