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Monday, July 6, 2009

Creek Walks / Creek Thoughts....

When the weather is good, I like to walk to work. It's about two miles and for some of my journey I walk along a path next to Branciforte Creek. In the beginning the walk is behind the fenced rear yards of houses and along a beautiful riparian landscape.

Soon the creek is in a concrete channel, for flood control purposes I'm told. The difference is staggering! I love walking, I love getting away from the street and cars, but this is not my creek anymore.

I know better - there are urbanized creeks that are a delight. Two of these in California stand out......

The one I know best is the creek walk in San Luis Obispo (population 50,000). It was not only channelized, it was under Monterey Street.

The other creek "make-over" is in San Jose (population 1,000,000) -
Guadalupe River Parkway.

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