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Monday, June 22, 2009

The "art" of Pop Culture...but it is really ART ??

My younger daughter Kate chuckles when she sees what kind of tee shirts I look at when I take her shopping at the mall. I am indeed fascinated by the new pop culture and the art it produces. It's not just the skulls with snakes running through them (although some of those are elegant!), it's the new comic book art, skate and surf board art and the graphics of magazines like Juxtapoz (

...some books at my bedside -

Disposable; A History of Skateboard Art,
Sean Cliver -

When did the underside of skateboards become "art" ? .....

The Art of Sin City, Frank Miller -

Frank Miller is the creator and artist for the comic books within the Sin City series. Although the stories are extremely violent, I find the art work stunning with his use of black and white and the emphasis on individual full page images. This is not your "Archie and Jughead" comics. I wonder how the transition happened?

Whatever, the effect of his artistic style is undeniable.


The amazing story of a group of African-American women living in deep poverty in the South who sew quilts from scraps of old clothes. The designs they create are remarkably modern - very different from the quilters of New England. For years they toiled selling quilts on the side of the road for $15. Now they are in museums and their quilts are being bought by the likes of Jane Fonda for $ 3,000.

. . .

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