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Monday, January 2, 2017

The wisdom of Earl Moursund, Professor Emeritus

Looking at Spatial Composition

I have been working on a book of concepts based upon the work of a professor from the University of Oregon. When I was there for graduate studies, Earl Moursund taught ARCH 415G "Fundamentals of Spatial Composition". It was a mind bending course taught by a rare true master. Thirty five years later, I surprised Earl by sending him copies of the book I put together. In big bold letters was his name - I was told it was very emotional for him (you earned it Professor Moursund!!). 

Here are some studies I did for that class. 

We were asked to look at Tigbourne Court in Wormley, Surry in England. 

The architect was Sir Edwin Lutyens (who later laid out the plan for the capital of New Delhi, India). 

The structure was completed in 1901.

front view

side view

front entry

entry to garden

the book is available from Amazon

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